7 ways to use stock photos

We’ve all been there—searching for free stock photo sites for that perfect image to tell your brand story.

But there’s a blocker.

You can’t find another one similar enough to use for your next post. Or to blend with all the other images for your website.

And that is crazy frustrating, we know!

Ways to use stock photos

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using free photos especially when you are just starting out on your business or blog. However, if you want to have a consistent visual branding, the best way is to use a range of stock photos that has versatile style and photo angles from the same colour and vibe. In addition, you will also want a photo library with photos that can complement the next colour that you are planning for your social media grid.

Worry not — creating beautiful graphics for your website, social media, and blog doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. After all, you’re already starting with gorgeous stock photos!

The first step is finding a free or low cost online editing tool such as Canva to add text, color overlays, and filters to make the styled stock photos work for your brand. If you are well versed in Photoshop or Illustrator, they will work as well. 

So here we will tell you about 7 ways to use stock photography to tell your brand story. Remember that consistent visual planning for your brand will catch the attention of your dream clients. These examples below are created using Canva and most of it with the FREE Poise Pixels Co. images you received.

1. Pinterest Pin Graphics

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a major traffic source for bloggers. But to stand out among millions of active users, you’ll need some top notch visuals to grab the attention and motivate your community to click through to your blog post.

Pinterest Graphic
Pinterest graphic

2. Headers for website & social media

In order to create a compelling experience for those who visit your website, blog, Twitter or Facebook page, you’ll want to make sure your header welcomes your audience and make them want to stay and find out more about your brand. Pick images with negative space so you can easily add text to the image.

Website Header

3. Call to action buttons/website navigation

Every website has call to action buttons. With images, you can add your brand text to customize the image and if the stock photo isn’t in your brand colours, you can easily add coloured overlays to suit your brand’s colour. Here’s some examples with grey colour overlays.

Website navigation

4. Social media quote images

Everyone loves images with inspirational and motivational quotes. This is another way to use colour overlays to stock images and awesome quotes to engage with your audience. These are popular on Instagram.

Social media quotes

5. Promotional graphics & advertisements

Having an exclusive sale on your products? While copy is no doubt important in advertising, images are just as vital because eye catching images encourages click throughs to become action takers.

Promotional graphics

6. Planning your Instagram feed

A consistent Instagram feed can positively impact the overall feel of your profile. Think of Instagram as a magazine. People arrive on your feed and see your whole layout. If they are impressed, they will follow you. So having a theme for your grid will help boost your visual branding.

Instagram feed

7. Landing pages

Landing pages are a clever way to use Styled Stock Photography to show off your business and increase your e-mail opt ins! When you have ads on social media like Facebook, people will click on your ad link and be taken to a landing page to make a purchase or opt-in to your email list, the images in the landing page should match the one used in your ad. Consistent branding is key here, telling your audience your brand story with a great flow is a sure way to get them wanting to know more.

Landing page example

There you have it, we hope you will enjoy using our stock photos to build consistent visuals for your brand. When you are ready to elevate your visual branding, check out our affordable membership options.

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