New Year Celebration Stock Photos

Colourful New Year Celebration Styled Stock Photos Collection

Need to add a little colour to your social media this holiday season? Is your branding all about a mix of colours? Then you got to check out our New Year Celebration collection!

New Year Celebration Collection

This collection is inspired by our childhood birthday celebration and we thought it would be great to add these magical colours into your New Year celebration! With lots of colourful confetti, a hint of sparkles and not forgetting drinks for celebration!

All the images that has plenty of negative space for you to overlay your text. You can also crop and add filters to fit your branding.

Here’s an overview of the collection.

New Year Celebration Stock Photos

Celebrate New Year in style!

New Year Celebration Stock Photos


Can’t wait to get your hands on them? You can purchase this photo collection bundle on our shop, consisting of 12 images as shown above. 
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