2019 Monthly Calendar Photo Bundle

Oh, can’t believe another year has passed by so quickly! Are you ready to welcome 2019 in style? We are so excited to help you get started with our 2019 monthly calendar desktop stock images collection.

This collection speaks simplicity and minimalism all over it. Yes, that is one of our goal for 2019 to be able to capture life’s simple things beautifully.

2019 Monthly Calendar Photo Bundle

Minimalism is a style employed by many 20th Century artists, using a minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line and texture. Within the art world it is considered an extremely subjective concept, leaving interpretation and meaning up to the viewers perception of the work1.

Minimalism in art and photography is becoming more and more prominent and many brands chooses this type of photography for their brand as it is able to tell many story from one simple image.

As always, we posted a few sneak peeks of this new collection on Instagram Story and it’s gotten a lot of love, so we’re excited to be able to share it with you today. Say hello to the 2019 monthly calendar collection, the latest set of gorgeous images to hit the Poise Pixels Co. stock library!

2019 Monthly Calendar Photo Bundle

We had so much fun styling and photographing this collection and we hope you will love this collection as much as we do. Here are some ideas how you can use this collection:

  1. Post it on Instagram on the 1st of every month and state yours or your business goals to your audience so they know what to expect.
  2. Download and use it as your phone wallpaper and change it every month to keep things fresh.
  3. Use it as a conversation starter on your blog post or other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

There you have it, we hope you will make full use of this collection. You can purchase this bundle collection in our shop and you get a BONUS of the vertical layout version for FREE!

2019 Monthly Calendar Photo Bundle
2019 Monthly Calendar Photo Bundle


1. https://photography.tutsplus.com/articles/a-10-step-guide-to-superb-minimalist-photography–photo-4487

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