Image License info

Poise Pixels Co. supports women entrepreneurs hence we offer fair licensing terms to our users and members. As an entrepreneur, we believe that you value integrity and so we ask all of our users and members to respectfully uphold the terms and conditions of our image license below including our website.

We grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, right to access and use the Services as per image license below.

By purchasing the Product, the Purchaser/Member agrees to the following Image License. By signing up to Poise Pixels Co. mailing list, user will receive free stock images. Mailing list subscribers are by default considered as “user”. User who subscribes to our membership are known as “Member”. The following terms applies to both User of the site and Purchaser/Member.

Users/Members May:

  • Use images for personal or business use online and in digital products.
  • Use images on your website or blog as website graphics, social media platforms as Facebook cover or Instagram photos that fits your business (as long as it is not restricted, see restricted usage below).
  • Crop, resize, add filter, overlay your own products, text or artwork to the image.
  • Add filter or presets to suit your brand.
  • Use the images in digital products including opt-ins such as checklists, workbooks, ebooks, and other pdfs downloads as long as the images are overlaid with text or graphics and cannot be extracted, and that the images is not the main component of the digital product.
  • Use the image to display your design work if you are website designer/developer or graphic designer.
  • Use the images for multiple businesses/blogs for which the member is the sole owner.

Users/Members May Not:

  • You many not sell, resell, redistribute, lease, loan, transfer, share or give the image to a third-party to use in any way. Poise Pixels Co. keeps the original copyrights for the images.
  • You may not claim the images as your own.
  • You may not alter, edit or manipulate the images.
  • You may not use the images for social media, websites, or any other online/print mediums for clients/customers for clients and customers or on any work you are doing for your clients and customers. (even if the image files are not being directly transferred to the client/customer)
  • You may not transfer the images to clients/customers, even if the image have been modified by adding text or graphics.
  • You may not create derivative products from the images and sell them. For example, you cannot add text or graphic to a photo and sell it as a print or a social media graphic. You cannot use images to create branding or logos to re-sell them. You cannot use any of the images to create mugs, prints, etc.
  • You may not create derivative products from the images such as printables, art prints, mugs, calendars, clipart, invitations, templates, screensavers, quote graphics, desktop calendars, or any similar products, either for sale or to give away for free.
  • You may not re-sell the images as standalone files or as part of templates, themes, graphics, prints, stickers, or other printed items intended for sale to other people.
  • You may not use the images to promote or sell other photography or styling products, services, workshops, courses, or similar resources whether for free or paid.
  • You may not use the images for ebook covers or physical book covers to be sold on Amazon or similar mass distribution sites.
  • You may not transfer membership or login credentials to a third party – whether a client, customer, or business partner.
  • No Unlawful Use. You may not use the images in any illegal, offensive manner or pornographic use.
  • You may not use our InstaQuotes or our pre-made social media graphic to create commercial products for sale or to give away. This includes derviative products such as prints, patterns, invitations, and social media templates.

Legal Consideration:

  • Poise Pixels Co. remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright of the image.
  • Credit is not required but always appreciated – if you’re sharing on social media, we’d love for you to mention @poisepixelsco and/or use the hashtag #PoisePixelsCo so we can see how you use them and also feature your business on our page/stories.
  • Purchaser/Member/User acknowledge that Poise Pixels Co. does not make any representations or assurances of non-infringement and does not make claim to have received releases from any brands, designers, or manufacturers for use of products, registered trademarks, logos or intellectual property portrayed in the images. Purchaser/Member/User agree that Poise Pixels Co. shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of any of the images provided. Poise Pixels Co. shall not be liable for any claims related to, or resulting from, your use of the images, which may or may not have been modified by you, or combined with other content.